Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pet Patrol

Updated 7-12-17


a lost mixed breed blue tick hound in the north mills river road area. she has black and tan fur with a collar and tags 828-891-2181


a lost male black and tan long haired dachshund in the dana rd/spring side drive area.  last seen with a red collar but no tags. 606-0812

a found dog in the 1st ave west area near flemming street.  a male, neautered pitbull with chocolate brown fur wearing a blue checkered collar. 828-808-5444


Lost Female Tea Cup Shelty in the Beaumont estates area. A female tri color shelty named Honey Bun. She has a collar with ID tags. last seen in the Beaumont Estates area of hendersonville 696-9478

A Full Grown, Dark Grey and Black Tabby kitten was found in the Daniel Road Area of Laurel Park near Hendersonville Raquet Club. Not sure if its male or female.  828-692-1413

A lost white/grey cat in the willow springs area of Hendersonville. "whitey" has White and Grey fur, no collar, 12 pounds and 7 years old. Last Seen in the Willow Springs Drive Area  595-9665


If you have any pets you would like to report please call 6921600 and to check our list go to and click on pet patrol under programming.