Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pet Patrol


                            WTZQ LOST PET REPORTS


Updated 5-23-16

Lost Female Calico Cat in the English Oak area of Fletcher. She is a long haired calico cat, no collar but has a microchip. De clawed weighting 10lbs. last seen at 230 english oak rd in fletcher 684-4800

Lost Male Cat: Last seen in the Fountain Trace Subdivision/Hebron Rd. He is a Tan cat with black stripes o his head. Blue eyes and looks Siamese. No collar. 290-2529

Elderly Female Border collie Australian shepherd mix was lost near howard gap, She is mostly deaf and blind but very friendly and answers to the name Sidney. Redish Brown fur with white on the chest, face, tummy, paws and the tip of her tail

Lost near Howard Gap and Nix Road

A female dog was lost near the Dana Post office. Sadie is a tan and white Pit bull terrier she is very friendly and weighs 45lbs. Last seen near the Danna post office and Danna Baptist church.

696-6907 696-6977

Female Golden Retriever is lost in the zirconia area near pinicle mtn. 828-974-1910

If you have any pets you would like to report please call 6921600 and to check our list go to and click on pet patrol under programming.